Welcome to House 54 -- our home and the place where our story began.

I'm Katie. I'm a wife, mother + blogger of all things Gluten Free. I believe that just about anyone can learn to cook + bake. And I believe that a diagnosis related to food intolerances + allergies, shouldn't stop you from being able to enjoy doing so. 

My Philosophy Is Simple.
Just because we can't have the "old stuff", doesn't mean we can't love the new Gluten Free stuff + have it taste equally as good

And that's my pledge -- to never post a recipe on my blog that: (1) I don't absolutely love myself + (2) couldn't pass as a "regular" dish that your neighbor-down-two wouldn't notice is actually Gluten Free.

Most of all, what I hope you learn from my blog is how much my family loves life + just being together; how we live life to the fullest + never let anything compromise our happiness. 

My hope is that we can inspire you to do the same! :)

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