Being Gluten Free

A Little Info + A Story.
Ever heard someone tell you that they tasted Gluten Free food and it was disgusting? I have.

I've also been the person to say -- You see that Gluten Free product on that shelf? Whatever you do, DON'T eat it! The person who created it seriously must not have any real taste buds! 

My theory why this happens? I think that any Joe Schmoe out there thinks that if they take the wheat flour out of something, remove the oats, and pipe a bunch of icing onto it -- all of us Gluten Free folks will swoon and run to the closest store to buy it.

And the truth is, especially if we're newly diagnosed or told we must eat Gluten Free (which is the case for most, including me, despite the recent trend to eat GF) -- we probably do run and buy it. I know I have.

What I'm most sad to report is that those Joe Schmoe's usually don't know a darn thing about Gluten Free food. They don't know why we eat Gluten Free and/or don't understand why it's important not to have cross-contamination occur. They don't understand all it takes is an 1/8 of a teaspoon to set our whole systems off because we're intolerant. That's fancy talk for -- my body won't process it and will attack itself.

Lovely, right? ;) Be jealous. Or wait...don't!

And for everyone else not diagnosed -- don't think you can sneak away from me! This is good for you too. It's good for all of us

It's true what "they" say -- You Are What You Eat!

My Point.
Eating Gluten Free doesn't have to be difficult. And yes, contrary to popular belief, it's actually delicious. Well, if you know which ingredients to use and what products to buy. (Hey Joe Schmoe, you can't fool me!).

My hope? That I can eliminate any of the fuss involved for you. 

Think of me as your "test dummy". I'll let you know what tastes good, what's delicious to make, what will or won't make you "glutened" + sick, and what you too should run out and buy.

Perfect scenario for you, right? :)

Recently diagnosed with celiac disease + don't know where to start or what to buy?
Just follow my lead. If all else fails, there's always email.

I have email.

You have email.

See where I'm going with this?  ;) 

Did I mention already, how happy you'll be now that you met me? ;)

A Better Way.
It all starts with better choices + getting ahold of accurate information. 

How amazing would it be to feel lighter, have more energy, and live a healthier lifestyle? Isn't that what we all want? It wasn't until I had to make change for medical reasons, to see how much better this lifestyle of living, cooking, and eating Gluten Free could be! 

And remember...
Just because you don't have celiac disease, doesn't mean you won't benefit from eating Gluten Free.

And if you're turning to this way of eating lose weight? Well...that's a controversial topic. It's not a reason to go Gluten Free and you'll hear a lot of us celiac folk blowing a lid because we feel misunderstood; like we're participating in some diet fad.

We're not.

But if you would like to eat GF to keep you from eating McDonald's, Burger King, and Pizza Hut every day...which yes, all contribute to weight gain? Well then hop on board because, yes, you will lose weight in that case. Anyone will when they take out all of that manufactured junk out of their diet.

I suppose that too is part of my point. No one should be eating that stuff anyway. ;)

Ok, time to get off my Gluten Free Soap Box. 

Stick around, follow along, and if you dare -- Go Gluten Free!
If not, just stick around. We never turn away good company! 

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